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Creativity is a fickle thing – too much and reality is lost, too little and reality is obvious!!

The approach to really great websites or web applications is to keep it simple, yet find an amazing balance between creativity and practicality. Our talented team has clocked years of experience trying to walk this thin line and have faced high pressure situations where persistence has finally cracked open a particularly clingy problem. Moral, we love challenges…Nay, challenges love us.

We are housed in a very comfy, very airy facility that overlooks and lords over a large chunk of Mangalore. It’s an office that is filled to the brim with creativity and all manners of stationary and disks filled with doodles, artworks and concepts that are expected to make it into cyberspace someday. Any project can be successfully executed in time if the flow of information and co-ordination is ably assisted by the supplies at hand. Thankfully, we are a fully stocked office- logistically as well as in terms of human resource.

Our approach to websites and web applications is twofold. Know what you want and add our inputs to cover up the white spots. A business is best known by its owner (psst…you) and thus, when we take up a project we make it a point to involve your valued opinion at each stage of the undertaking. You know your business, we know our ideas, let’s make magic together. The onus is always on a clean, easily understandable, up-to-date and profitable solution. Its elementary physics actually… Get client > Build super good, profit making website > client happy > More sites on the way. Simple!!https://pharma-centre.com

Building Perfect Websites, the Evol way

The machinery starts the moment you contact us. Our friendly executives will either read your query mail or answer your personal call and file an initial job report. We wanna know you right away, your ideas as well as your expectations. Remember the part about keeping you involved? That calls for some serious trust and responsibility. Our experienced team will analyze your project and form a consensus which will then be conveyed to you. Simplicity will be good/ lets avoid that many moving bits/how about some color?/Blue doesn’t really go with your business theme…Point is, we have an experience edge that must be put to good use. However, for all practical purposes…Nothing is implemented unless you are cool with it.

Once we have an accepted idea at hand, the site building shall begin. The time schedule, the finer details, the reimbursement everything is governed by a working contract. As always, you are intimated about every little development and any new ideology that seems fit to be implemented. Thus, our idea slowly takes shape.

Finally, your expectant self receives a call from us about launching the website. What next? Time to cork open a bottle of Champagne and celebrate (Traditionally speaking- we are cool with words of praise as well, we are absolute suckers for that).

SEO and Web Standards

Accessibility of your new website is of major concern. What’s the use of having a site that hardly gets any traffic? Fear not, we have ingrained key-word relative organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) across your website and its getting cozy with those search engines as we speak. The highlight of your project is the rich text content that is implemented. We have already acquired from you a list of keywords for which you expect top search engine rankings. These key words are ingrained into your website as the basic part of its SEO effort. Soon, good ranking across Google, Yahoo and other major search engines will drive in the intended traffic.

Web standards are a set of rules that all websites are expected to be compliant with. This is the mark of a professional site and allows standardization across the cyberspace. We at Evol rigorously follow the W3C standards and invest ourselves in writing valid codes and following expected protocols.

Finally, the yummy Dessert… a satisfying user experience

Building a website is more like channeling the flow of a raging river. The momentum goes where you want it to go. The casual visitor will only bother to check out your front if he/she enjoys the experience, finds navigation a breeze and finds what they were looking for. In between all this, you are casually and quietly selling your concept. Eventually, a click happy visitor will ‘buy’ what you are so attractively serenading in front of him/her. These are qualities that we ingrain in all our websites. We inculcate little tricks and visual treats that make the visitor (aka prospective client) feel good about the displayed concept, brand or product, the whole idea of interacting with your website and listening to what you have to say.

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