Why Ecommerce Businesses need to use Email marketing

In this article I would like to mention few things about why ecommerce businesses need to use email marketing and how to run successful campaigns.

Lets start with this first– what is email marketing?

Email marketing is about building trust with your existing and potential customers via promotional email, personalized transactional email, free shipping coupons and more that will encourage customers.

When you are looking to nurture leads and drive ecommerce sales, email marketing is one of the best powerful tools ecommerce business have.

Successful online retailers know that one of the most reliable and profitable methods is email marketing. Why?

Email marketing is relatively cheap and cost effective and it also helps to build a strong lifelong relationships with your clients through frequent communication.

Email marketing has to be done right, if you want to reap the rewards and it may be challenging also.

Some people see email marketing as old-fashioned and less valuable than social media. But that’s a wrong assumption.

Email is nearly 40% better at helping a business acquire new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

In an email campaign there are so many things that can cause failure. When done incorrectly, it can annoy users which results in residing your further mails in the dark spam box.

Do you know companies using email campaigns to nurture leads are able to generate 50% more sales ready leads—and a 33% lower cost.

Email marketing works if you’ve got people on your list. So getting customers list is important thing. If your ecommerce website is doing business, then you’ll be having a list of buyers.

Deciding to run email marketing campaigns focusing on ecommerce sales is a great start, but sending out a slew of emails to your list isn’t enough to cut it. They will be succesfull only when used according to specific focuses.

In Ecommerce business, email marketing campaign is a series. It’s not just limited to new products or for just promotions. And each individual email campaign should have a specific call to action. Otherwise it’s of no use.
Let’s see what’s that series.

Welcome Emails
This is where every thing begins. When a customer makes an account you should send them welcoming emails by thanking them for subscribing and promote them to take next step in buying process. You can also give them welcome discount coupons like 10% off.

Cart abandoned emails
This emails can be done when user adds more items to their cart but doesn’t checkout. You know they are interested but haven’t converted. So the purpose of this mail is to prompt them to complete the purchase.

Follow Up emails
Follow up is very important not only for ecommerce but for any business. After sales you should follow up with emails where you can prompt users to leave a review. You can also offer discounts for future purchases.

Missing you emails
Remind your customers if they haven’t engaged with your site for a while. Make them feel that you are there. Encourage them to come back with discounts, free shipping etc. This can be a great way to get them back.

Always personalize your email campaign design with customer name and info about their previous order. Conversion will be more when you personalize emails.

When to Send Email?

Every store is different, but after a study its found that Monday through Wednesday are the best days and Sunday as well.

When running email campaign, you should evaluate how each individual campaign is performing.

To measure email marketing campaigns for ecommerce sales, there are a few metrics you need to know.

  • Bounce Rate
  • Click Through Rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue Per Email Sent. etc

Keep track how your campaigns are measuring up and how your audience is responding. This will give you a clear idea of how well you are delivering your messages, and how to keep your audience engaged.

Consider the graph given below.

When you offer incentives in your emails likes free shipping, there is a chance for increase in conversion. Coupons are especially effective. Open, click and purchase rates will be higher than without emails.

Email marketing can quickly drive sales. It can be even more effective, in many ways, than social media marketing. Understanding and following clear email marketing strategies can drive more sales and success. Results can be massive.

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