How Amazon Works, How to Create Amazon like Website for Ecommerce Business?

How Flipkart Works

Amazon is a world’s largest online shopping website.  If you are planning to start multi-vendor ecommerce website like Amazon or India, but you don’t know how flipkart works? You are in right place, read further..

There are two types of ecommerce business models:

  1. Inventory model
  2. Marketplace model.

Lets see these ecommerce business models in detail:

What is inventory model?

Shopping websites where online buyers choose from among products owned by the online shopping company or shopping website take care of the whole process end-to-end, starting with product purchase, warehousing and ending with product dispatch.

What is Marketplace model?

E-commerce marketplace model adheres to the standards and directions of a zero inventory model. The e-commerce marketplace becomes a digital platform for buyers and sellers without warehousing the products. Marketplaces do offer shipment, delivery and payment help to sellers by tying up with some selected logistics companies and financial institutions.

Lets see how flipkart works & what type of ecommerce model flipkart follows in their business.

So how Amazon works? What is the Business Model of Amazon?

Amazon using marketplace model. With a marketplace model, Amazon will no longer have an inventory of its own, rather buyers can deal with sellers directly and the delivery will be done by Amazon. The model will be similar to Flipkart, eBay India or Tradus.

Amazon Business Model

A marketplace typically generates a commission on each sale, charges listing fees for sellers and also generates additional revenue through services such as payments, logistics and advertising. It also is seen as more of a profitable business model than inventory model(selling goods directly).

The sale can happen through many channels: Website, Web App, Mobile App (Android, iOS, etc.), Affiliate Networks (Coupon Websites, Review Websites, and Bloggers etc), Social Buy

Flipkart like ecommerce website

How to start website like Amazon?

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So now you might be asking yourself, how much does it cost to build website like Flipkart?

So how much does it cost to develop a website like Flipkart or Snapdeal or Amazon?

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A good online store is a best way to communicate your point across, we become your best assistant in building your first ecommerce interface between you and your customers.

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