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In this E-commerce era, online business transaction has become very common all over the world. Thanks to E-banking, credit and debit cards! However, you may face serious consequences if transaction process is not secure. As a result, a hacker can easily access the details of your bank account or credit card or debit card for malicious purposes. When you run online business, it will be your responsibility to provide a secure payment gateway for your customers. It enables the transfer of information between a portal and the front end processor.

Evol Technologies provides payment gateway integration service that allows the customers to make payments for online transactions through credit cards or debit cards after placing an order. Our professional developers implement advanced tools and technology to build a payment gateway portal, widely used by B2B and B2C development sectors. We are specialized in developing –

  • Shopping Cart Integration.
  • Quick and secure online transactions
  • Online Tracking System

Our expert developers simplify the entire process of payment gateway integration with secure protocol applications that enables the customers in making much better transactions via credit / debit cards on websites. They are well-versed in Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and apply various advanced technologies.

Many payment options with guaranteed security

Today there are many online payment options to carry out online transactions in order to purchase an item or acquire a service. They are –

  • 1. PayPal – A simpler, quicker and safer option to make online payments, carry transactions or creating a merchant account.
  • 2. Checkout – Payments are accepted through online with the help of a simplified process, using a merchant account that enables you to manage business.
  • 3. CC Avenue – A largest payment gateway where you can make online transactions via credit and debit cards using your merchant account.
  • 4. EBS – You can use your merchant account to get variety of secured online payment options via credit and debit card, and net banking.
  • 5. HDFC Bank – It provides you a comprehensive payment transaction solution, securing payment options with advanced features.
  • 6. Citibank – It provides a gateway option for several payments allowing you to make a secure transaction.
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