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Today’s real estate industry has become very competitive and it is essential to implement new strategies in order to attract more clients to your company. Now-a-days, real estate websites are playing major role in gaining the attention of the potential clients for respective real estate companies. They provide information about your company and the properties in a systematic and salubrious way. However, in order to divert more people to your website, a reliable portal must be present. We, Evol Technologies, can create a real estate portal as per your specific requirements.

Evol Technologies, known as one of the best real estate portal development company in Mangalore, designs and hosts your website that successfully assists your promotional strategies. Our professional web developers utilize latest technology and tools to provide absolute solutions to your real estate related issues. The solutions cover various phases of web development, search engine and social network marketing, IDX solutions, mobile IDX and so on. As a result, your company and services or products will reach numerous potential clients in no time.

Various kinds of real estate website that suit the clients needs

There are different types of real estate website satisfying the various requirements of the clients. They are –

  • Enterprise Real Estate Website – These kinds of websites come with high caliber designs and functionalities that present the real estate companies efficiently to the visitors. These websites are equipped with latest web technologies that integrate map integration, lead generation, floor plans and tracking systems. They provide limited information to the visitors because they are meant for promoting the particular property.
  • Custom Real Estate Website – These websites are designed in such a way that a visitor can get more information about a particular property or service. Hence, these websites have rich User Interface (UI) and the ability to create a sense of brand identity in minds of the visitors.
  • Micro Real Estate Website – These kinds of websites promote condominiums or individually owned houses. The aim of such websites is to target a specific type of customers with the unique promotional strategy for a particular property.
  • Ultra Premium Real Estate website – these types of websites are semi-customized and target the customers who wish to have individual condominiums and community pages.

Services you can avail

Along with real estate portal development service we provide content writing, blog writing and management, social media management, SEO, bulk email service and management, bulk SMS service and more. Evol Technologies works with the clients closely in every phase of the project in order to get the desired result.

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