What are the Important Strategies to get Consumer Trust on your Online Store

Imagine you are walking through the Majestic street in Bangalore and suddenly somebody approaches you and smiling, he makes simple conversation and then he asks you to buy a pure Ayurvedic hair root strengthening oil at lowest price.

Despite your desire to own it, you don’t buy it. What is the reason? Trust. You don’t trust the quality of the product or you don’t trust that person himself.

Trust is the main thing everyone will consider when it comes to any service or product. In ecommerce industry, story is not different. Much like you didn’t buy that oil many shoppers wont shop from your firm if they don’t trust you.

Increase in scams might be one reason. People wont blindly trust any firms. Consider a grocery store near to your house. You’ve seen it already and customers coming there can identify the person there and recognize the name of the shop. That person assists them with their purchase. After paying bills they exit from the shop. Everything is physical.

In ecommerce industry this is something different. A customer might not be knowing the owner, his reputation and their location. They even don’t know if the product will reach to them if its a startup ecommerce firm. Due to these reasons its very difficult for customers to gain and maintain trust in online shopping.

Now the question is how to get it done? How to build customer trust? Let’s see.

Generally you know people don’t trust websites or pages. They only trust people. So it’s crucial that your website has a human factor. What you have to do is present your prospective customers with faces and names.

Write an about us page in your website which not only includes details about your company but message from the founder with photo and a section with name ” Meet our team” your staffs names or photos etc.

If possible do some personalized recommendations like used by some celebrity or specially chosen by the CEO etc.. These can of course be used in your email marketing newsletters.

One more important thing is show the world that you are a real company. How to attain this is very simple. Provide your customers an easy way to contact you. Create fully developed contact page i.e not just an email forum.

A well developed customer service section which includes return policy and FAQs will make you fully professional. Remember, the more complete your customer service FAQs, the more confident an online shopper will be buying one of your products.

And show others trust you. When others say about you and your service, it will be more convincing than what you say. Make sure that you feature customer testimonials on your ecommerce website. Text testimonials with client’s name, photo and location will be more than enough.

Security is another important factor. Out of 100, almost 70 people who do online purchase are well aware about technical security. i.e in search bar they will look for https rather than http and lock symbol which tells them that the website is secured. This is much necessary in case of an ecommerce website.

Another important thing is think from the customer’s point of view. Be a customer and analyse what’s the main risk you face while doing online shopping. Money back policy, return policy such things. Do some homework on that. Research on some successful big names in the ecommerce field, what they follow and more.

Follow industry standards and best practices. When you search something on google you are expecting some list as result. If it doesn’t happen you will be frustrated. This is the same with an ecommerce store when customers don’t have access to features they’re accustomed to, they lose trust and confidence in the brand.

Even if all these things are done, don’t forget the design part. Visual appearance is what people consider first. It’s a human nature.

In a study when this question “why people don’t trust a website” was asked, 94% of the provided reasons were design related.

And the bottom line is if you want your customers to buy something from you, you need to do everything you can to make sure they find you trustworthy enough. Contact us to know more about this.